VERT fitness
VERT Fitness

Got Teens?


Is your teen in organized sports? Do you want to give your high school athlete that extra edge?

Enter your teen into VERT’s Youth Athletic Program and we will help them jump higher, hit harder,run faster and throw farther!

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Teens can now train to Jump Higher…Hit Harder….Run Faster….Throw Farther ….Perform Better and get results quicker without the negative effects and dangers of WEIGHT training.

VERT.. an acronym for “Velocity Enhanced Resistance Training” Is a whole new way to train without weights & other gravity controlled devices.

VERT’S computer controlled hydraulic power machines train the nervous system to contract the Type II Fast Twitch muscle fibers. The faster the muscles contract the faster the limb moves, the faster the limb moves the faster a kid can run, the higher they can jump, the harder they can hit and the farther they can throw. VERT develops Speed & Power the most important element of athletic performance.

Strength = Force x Distance…
Power = Force x Distance Divided by Time.

If two people can bench press 200 lbs they have the same strength but if one can do it in half the time he is more powerful. VERT is the most effective way to develop Speed & Power.

Double concentric contractions in the same repetition all but eliminates post exercise muscle soreness. No load on the joints or stretching and tearing of the muscles.

With VERT kids safely burn more calories in less time than any other form of exercise. With weights as the inertia increases thru the range of motion the resistance decreases and muscle fiber recruitment decreases. Because VERT eliminates inertia, there is maximum muscle fiber recruitment through the entire range of motion.

VERT Fitness