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Holly McPeak, Olympic Medalist, AVPís all-time winningest womenís volleyball player

"I use VERT to improve my jump and my quickness, It’s perfect for what I do."
Holly McPeak, Olympic Medalist, AVP’s all-time winningest women’s volleyball player

"Even the best athlete can get better (with VERT)."
Tim Grover, Attack Athletics Trainer of NBA Stars

"I have never found a system that gives results like what I have seen at VERT."
John Perry M.D., a founder of the American College of Sports Medicine - Former team physician for the RAMS & REDSKINS

"It gives me a distinct edge I never had before... I’m strongerand the muscles I use swimming move faster." **
Lenny Krayzelburg, 3 Olympic Gold Medals (USA Today).

"VERT is my fountain of youth." **
Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs Baseball Legend, Hall of Fame & two-time MVP

"The VERT system is absolutely unique in its ability to build fast-twitch muscle strength."
Dr. Clifford Tabin, Professor, Harvard Medical School. Director of the Tabin Research Lab (focusing on fast and slow twitch muscle development)

"There is no comparision. I have worked out on and off for 15 years and by far there is nothing that compares to the VERT workout."
Peter Alongi, Regional Manager for CitiGroup

"Dollar for dollar... you can’t compare it to a regular training session that costs three times more."
Adriana Milana, Stay-at-Home Mom

"VERT is like no other. I’ve never had such an advanced training experience. VERT is definitely a great value for what it does to your body. Health wise, it’s a great way to get and stay in shape"
Anthony Bonomo, College Student

"[Compared to other training I've done, VERT has me] seeing and feeling the results much quicker. No soreness or pain following the workouts.""
Barbara Steinberg, Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser

"...a full body workout made simple. Just show up, work hard during sessions and results will come."
Jerry Vitale, Cosmetic Dentist

"VERT produces the results in less time. There is less likelihood of getting hurt. I would like to pair up with 1 or 2 people at my level or that are in better shape than I so I can push harder."
Tony Guastafeste, President-Distributor Co./Buying Office

"I have more strength and agility, improved my cardio-fitness, have become more coordinated, feel less joint, back pain and stiffness. I enjoy the true competitive edge VERT training gives me. VERT training has improved my golf game by providing me with better flexibility, balance and core muscle strength. I hit the ball further and with more confidence then ever before. I predict that due to my training at VERT, I will be a single digit handicap golfer this year."
Attorney – Managing partner of Thaler & Gertler, LLP


** Quotes, not testimonials

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