VERT fitness
VERT Fitness
VERT Fitness
The following links provide detailed information on VERT's theory of exercise and the underlying technology of VERT's systems:

How VERT Works
The questions to be answered is: "What type of fitness technology can be shown, based on the principles of biomechanics, to be most effective in achieving specific goals for performance, exercise, rehabilitation and diagnostics?"

What VERT Measures
The accurate measurement of human performance is important in evaluating movement. Accurate and calibrated equipment is essential for the clinician in his analysis of the movement.

Accommodating Velocity (Acceleration)
Just as a continuously varying force output is characteristic of natural movement, so too is variable velocity. Nearly all movement involves acceleration.

Exercise Modes, Applications & Evaluation
In addition to providing bi-directional, bilateral, or unilateral exercise, VERT can create User Defined exercises. User Defined exercises can include an entire range of variation on standard exercises that will allow the clinician or coach to create an exercise for a specific need of the user.

Computerized Database System
VERT allows a sophisticated data system to utilize commercial software packages such as Lotus 123 or dBase-H to manage a total clinical operation.

Performance Assessment
VERT is a resistance exercise system combining accommodating resistance, acceleration and specificity of movement for optimum progress of the therapeutic and training process. As such, it is an invaluable tool for the coach, physician and therapist.

Programmable Accommodating Resistance
VERT provides an accommodating resistance, that is, the exercise resistance is directly proportional to the intensity of effort applied by the exercising user.

Specificity of Movement
In addition to providing programmable accommodating resistance and programmable acceleration, VERT features unprecedented versatility in duplication natural movements.

Bi-Directional Exercise
VERT "bi-directional" exercise allows the training of two or more opposing muscle groups at the same time.

Fast-Twitch Training
VERT FAST-TWITCH training revolves around the science of isokinetics and its application to sports performance.

Burn More Calories
Because of the effect of inertia on a gravity controlled devise such as weights, the resistance provided by the weight becomes less the faster you move it through the range of motion. VERT can be programmed to eliminate the effects of inertia by increasing the resistance through the entire range of motion at 16,000 times per second, thus providing increased muscle fiber recruitment. The more muscle fiber recruitment, the more calories burned.

Go, Not Show
What do large muscles and the amount of weight a person can lift have to do with performance?

Isokinetics in Human Performance
Isokinetics in Human Performance by Lee Brown incorporates state-of-the-art performance research with the professional experience and insights of 34 experts in the field. This first-of-a-kind text offers performance researchers and strength and conditioning professionals a comprehensive treatment of isokinetic technology and its practical applications.

VERT Fitness